It happens to the best of us—we go out for tacos, overorder and end up having to box up the remainder of our food. We take the extra tacos home, toss them in the refrigerator and completely forget about them until the kitchen starts to stink. As you sort through all the goodies in your fridge, you realize that, in classic leftover-form, the box of tacos has fallen to the back, out of sight and out of mind. Sadness sets in as you realize that you not only have to toss the tacos but you also have to clean out your fridge. Cleaning and organizing your refrigerator is a great thing, though, and will only help maintain your fridge and maximize its lifespan. Check out a few of the tips our professionals have come up with to help you keep a clean and organized fridge.

Organize With Baskets

If you find that your fridge looks like an explosion of veggies, meats, dairy and condiments, investing in a few plastic baskets will do wonders for you. Organize the baskets in whichever way you like and label each basket to keep them neat and in order. For example, you may want to designate one basket for beverages, another basket for condiments, one basket for fruits and another for snacks. Some people also like to include an “Eat This First” basket that contains food that is reaching the end of its shelf-life. Figure out the organization method that will be most successful for you and your family and stick to it.

Line The Shelves And Drawers

Things leak and drip in your fridge, and most times there isn’t much you can do to prevent it. To avoid lots of crusted-on residue and to significantly cut down the time you spend cleaning, line your refrigerator’s shelves and drawers with wax paper, newspaper or paper towel. It’s an especially great idea to line your vegetable drawers because the paper will absorb extra moisture and, in turn, keep your veggies fresher for a longer period of time.

Enforce a One Bottle Rule

Take a peek at your condiment basket or shelf on the fridge door. How many bottles of ketchup do you have? Do you really need three jars of apricot preserve? To save yourself money and lots of time spent cleaning, limit your family to only one bottle of each condiment. This will force you to only buy new condiments when you know, for sure, you are out. You’ll be surprised how much space you save when you clear out your doubled-up condiments.

Avoiding Appliance Problems

If you are a leftover-hoarder or just an over-shopper, you may be overloading your fridge, forcing it to work much harder than it was designed to. This is an easy way to wear out an appliance, sending you to Grace Appliance Repair for a new-used refrigerator or seeking out our services to fix your current fridge. While we will always be here for you should you need our services, your happiness is our priority, and if we can help you avoid problems with your appliances, we will! For more information about the services we offer or extra tips for how to successfully maintain your appliances, give us a call today!